Your marriage is more than the sum of its wedding day parts. LIFE & ART events curates elopements & weddings for dope couples who don't buy into the wedding industry's expectations & rules. You want a beautiful day, but you really could not care less about chair sashes or having groomsmen or wearing a white dress.

You know the beauty of a wedding lies not in the objects that fill the venue, but in the emotions that flood the heart. & we know that, too. So, let's make some magic together.

Start your marriage stress-free, with a wedding day that is uniquely you.

 photography  @nicksouza

photography @nicksouza

hiya, Shaun here

I have had a fascination with beautiful things my whole life -- fine art, dance, theater, nature, interior & architectural design. I discovered the beauty of weddings when I was 19 & fell in love (pun intended). 

But when I started planning my own wedding, I discovered a dark side of the wedding industry. The focus was all on beauty, with very little substance. It was gendered, diet-centric, & larger than life.

I wanted a different way & I want that for y'all, too. 

When I'm not working, you can find me scrolling through home decor Instagram accounts, jammin' out to my "Do You Think I'm Sexy?" Pandora station, & tending to our houseplants because my greatest aspiration in life is to have a conservatory just like the aunts in Practical Magic. 


hey, I'm Lindsey

My coordinating started in high school theater as a stage manager. Sound unrelated? Actually, high schoolers & tipsy wedding guests have a lot in common.

It was after planning my own wedding that I realized the unnecessary fluff of conventional weddings. That is why I strive to do something different for other couples. 

When I'm not working, you can find me chasing after my three fur-children (which is two too many), finding vegan restaurants around town, & watching endless YouTube videos.

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