But the Party: the Backyard Bash

Logistics Behind a Backyard Reception

In this post I review all of the things that you'll need to consider when throwing a backyard bash, whether you have it at your home, a relative's, or a really nice friend's. You will also find links to local vendors, as well as some DIY tips, tricks, & a recipe for a refreshing batch cocktail perfect for spring.

 Photo by  Grayson Rosato

Why at-home?

You can use the party as an excuse to finally repave your patio or install those flower beds you’ve been wanting.

Prepping the space

  • rake the leaves
  • cut the grass
  • pull the weeds
  • cut back the bushes
  • trim low tree branches


If you’re anything like my wife (ask her about our Friendsgiving table), aesthetics are pretty important, even for a normal party. So even though the tables & chairs aren’t really that important, I want to give you options that will look good on the ‘gram.


Save | Rent folding tables & cover with these DIY dip-dyed drop cloths

Splurge | Rent farmhouse tables


Save | Borrow chairs from friends/family for an on-trend mismatched look

Splurge | Rent tolix chairs


Good food is the cornerstone of a good party. Here's some options to fit all sorts of budgets. 

Potluck-style | $

Maybe you can't really afford to feed 60 people, that's why you didn't have a wedding, duh. So opt for a potluck-style party. You could even make it a fun by having a chili cook off. 

bbq | $$-$$$

You could either have a cookout or get a caterer, but barbecue is great food for a crowd. 

food trucks | $$$-$$$$

Some of the best food I have ever eaten has been out of a truck & many will cater parties. There are quite a few options to choose from, but why not have pizza from a brick oven truck?


Don't be a garbage human -- buy biodegradable/compostable tableware.


Batch cocktails are your friend. If you happen to enjoy gin -- it's floral & perfect for spring -- try this gin punch.


K.I.S.S: Keep it simple, stupid. After all, it's only a party.

  • throw up some string lights 
  • light a shit ton of candles if you're feelin' swanky
  • fill bud vases with farmers' market flowers


Rent a speaker & curate a dope playlist. Or just put on your fav. Pandora station, but be sure to sign up for the ad-free trial first.

Take to the streets

If you are active in your neighborhood, why not make it a block party? Set up one long table down the middle of the street. Double-check that that’s legal or whatever.

Celebrate your marriage

  • maybe you recite your vows again
  • maybe you premiere your wedding video

Whatever you decide, it would be nice to give your guests a glimpse of what your wedding day was like. 

Consider the weather

Put a deposit on a tent. Just do it. It's insurance. You don’t have to actually use it, but you’ll want it in case it starts looking like rain.

*Bonus points

  • set up a projector to show Robin Hood for the kiddos (or, like, cool adults) because that twilight proposal scene is #goals 
  • bypass the farmers' market & load up your bud vases with flowers from your garden
  • hire a house cleaner
    • people will have to go into your house to use the bathroom, so treat yo’ self to a professional cleaner a day or two beforehand


No matter what way you chose to party, just remember to have fun.


Think eloping, then partying is for you?

photos by Grayson Rosato