Goodbye ATX, Hello ATL

Oh Hey There, Atlanta

Some exciting news out of the Delgado-Harris household: we are moving to Atlanta, Georgia in June! 

Nearly three years ago, when Lindsey & I moved to Austin from Sarasota, Florida, we never looked back. We absolutely love it here. The food, the people, the Greenbelt. It is pretty close to perfect.

But we are young & there are endless places to explore. 

So we are moving to Atlanta. We have family there & an adorable little nephew who I want to spend hours cuddling.

Moving when you own a business is pretty nerve-wracking, but I am super excited to meet new people (both industry folks & couples) & see what the wedding scene in ATL is all about. 

Any suggestions for food or activities are warmly welcomed! We are vegan, but enjoy dining out. We are also big fans of art & outdoor activities. & I love wine.


wanna grab a drink & get to know each other?

I would love to hear all about what you're passionate about.