What the Hell is a Fancy Elopement Anyway?

Fancy Elopement FAQs 

People always do a double-take when we tell them what we do, so I've curated a list to answer some of the questions we get asked after they hear the term "fancy elopement."

Fancy Elopement FAQs | LIFE & ART events | Atlanta, Georgia

“Fancy elopement? What’s that?”

Fancy elopements are our response to the Wedding Industrial Complex. 

The perfect balance of “f*ck it, let’s just elope” & Pinterest-perfect weddings, fancy elopements are all-inclusive tiny weddings.

They are for those people who want to focus on the marriage part, but still want a personal & handcrafted day. 


“Cool, I think I get it, but what all is included in these fancy elopements?”

I’m glad you asked.

You can see exactly what our base package includes here, but the gist is you get a backdrop, personal florals, a photographer, & a celebrant.

You give us ~1 hour of your day & we give you a stress-free start to matrimonial bliss. 


"so, where exactly do we have a fancy elopement?"

Basically anywhere.

In a: park, bookstore, parking garage roof overlooking the skyline. 

If you can dream it, we can figure out a way to make it happen. 


“How do we know if a fancy elopement is right for us?”

  • Is wedding planning giving you an ulcer?
  • Would y’all rather spend your hard-earned cash on a killer honeymoon in Greece (or on a down payment for a house or start an art collection or just save it in general)?
  • Do you have a small family/framily?
  • Does the thought of standing up in front of everyone y’all know wearing a big white dress make your partner want to throw up?

If yes was the answer to any of these questions, eloping should definitely be part of the discussion.


“Well, what if I still really want a stunning white dress?”

Wear it! Why not? Do you, girl. 


“What about the party?”

That’s the beauty of a fancy elopement — you can just plan a kick ass party without the pressure of making it a “wedding.”

If you want.

You don’t have to have a party. You can do whatever you want! That’s the point.

Because a fancy elopement only takes about an hour, you can spend the rest of your wedding day however you like. Host brunch at home. Go out to your favorite restaurant for a swanky dinner. Winery tour. Swing dancing. Nap in a hammock. Literally, ~*whatever*~. 

We can help plan & coordinate your post-ceremony activities, too, if you really want to take the wedding day ease up to a level rivaling nirvana. 

In fact, I already created a pretty badass itinerary if you spend your elopement weekend in Austin, Texas. 


So, that’s it! Easy peasy. Now, let's get you married. 


Still have more questions?

Want to discuss what your fancy elopement might look like?

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