Pop-up Wedding: small wedding, big heART

We are in the process of planning our first pop-up wedding for fall 2018 & we couldn't be more thrilled!

Pop-ups are gorgeous [tiny] weddings with none of the stress.

Doesn't that sound great?

What you get

Celebrant & custom ceremony Lindsey will create & perform a ceremony tailor-made for you & your partner.

A fully-styled venue You get your very own time slot in a wedding venue that has been beautifully styled with:

A designated ceremony spot: a lovely backdrop & seating for up to 16 guests
A lounge area for photographs, socializing, & champagne toasts
gorgeous floral arrangements

Personal florals Both you & your partner will get your bouquets &/or boutonnieres.

Champagne toast & snacks We provide you & your guests bubbles & light snacks to help celebrate the start of your marriage journey. *embarrassing & heartfelt speeches encouraged*

Photographic coverage A professional photographer will be capturing every romantic moment from the time you arrive to the time you depart. You will get access to an online gallery of images & digital rights for sharing.


Why you should consider a pop-up

Wedding planning sucks We’ve been there. We get it. Life does not stop just because you get engaged & having enough time is crucial when wedding planning. Also, it’s stressful AF.

Weddings are expensive A lot goes into weddings & making them beautiful. Not to mention all the work involved to flawlessly execute. They’re so much more than just a party & they have the price tag to prove it.

You want to be a wife/husband, not a bride/groom So much of what the wedding industry pushes is about the wedding. The marriage part becomes secondary. But maybe you’re not buying that narrative & you really just want to be married, wedding be damned.

Beauty matters The underlying message of a beautiful wedding is that you care — you have taken the time to be intentional in the visual representation of the meaning behind the day. So, while the wedding industry may have forgotten that message in a sea of ivory & expectations, you haven't. You know your marriage will be beautiful & you want your wedding to reflect that.

You want to do things differently You embrace the currently trending share-economy & think that should extend to weddings. Why not get your Instagram-worthy photos for way less than the cost of an average wedding by sharing the expense with other couples?


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